Nevada Off-Grid Solar

Off-Grid Solar and Battery Power systems are where Aspen Electric and Solar really shines. Our decades of experience in the electrical and solar industries and our ability to work in remote locations make us the premier off grid solar installer in Nevada.

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Reno Solar Repair and maintnance

Do you have an existing solar power system that needs a little maintenance? Are your batteries getting tired? Does your system need a complete rebuild?

We can do service, maintenance and repair on any Reno solar power system residential, commercial or off-grid in Northern Nevada.

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Why Aspen Electric and Solar?

At Aspen Electric and Solar we have no need to rely on gimmicks such as “free gifts” or large referral payments to sell solar electric systems.

These gifts and referral payments are not free, they are built into the cost of your system or the system of the person you are referring. Our customers refer us because they are happy with the product we supplied them.

We offer the best product at competitive prices, we can provide references from existing customers upon request.

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